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Kushala and Amith

We’re here to tell you what exactly love looks like… through Amith & Kushala’s fun filled wedding!  When you cover a friend's Engagement ceremony and her pre-wedding photoshoot, you pretty much get accustomed to the family, their thought process, their happiness and all kinds of emotions. Our intention was to capture just that - the good, the better, and the best of all emotions​​.. 

Our wedding journeys and experiences henceforth are going to be shared with Time-lapse Studios. You can have a look at their inspiring work here

Kushala couldn't resist from chatting with Amith even when she was getting Mehendi applied on her hands. Kushala's friend Nazia(who we see as a personification of patience) did an impressive job in bringing out the pictorial of Bride and Groom on her hands. Her Mehendi detailing was very precise and we had to make sure to take the best of the images from this ceremony. 


The following day was the traditional Bale Shastra, a day where the elders(women) bless the bride to be. Also, it is believed that the darker the mehendi, the stronger the love and bond that the bride and groom would share. We got to make a few images showcasing the rich colour of Kushala's mehendi.


Set in a traditional and peaceful atmosphere of the Dharmagiri Manjunatha Swamy Temple, the wedding was a beautiful day to remember, and guess what, it would be our day of bringing out the stories.. of excitement, happiness, joy, anxiety and we'll let the pics decide them for you.. 

The bride chose a green saree as compared to a conventional red one. Here's the bride being shy, or atleast pretending to be ;)

Aadya, the niece of the bride decided to be the cutest little doll of the day.. Her expressions would surely bring a smile on your face. 

So, the groom, Amith finally arrives sporting his best smile, with no hint of nervousness on his face whatsoever.. keeping his calm and best demeanor throughout the ceremony. The bride's family then welcomed Amith and his family to begin the proceedings of the day. We asked Amith to be himself and he obliged with a few of his composed pics..

The lamp is about to be lit and the preparations for the rituals to follow are in full swing. 

The sacred water is offered, prayers and the ceremony begins. The Ganga Pooja was a completely different experience and a colourful spectacle.

So the bride is now ready to adorn the wedding. She is happy and excited to be the most important person of the day. 

Amith decides to go on his Kashi Yatre, when the bride's family convinces him to come back to his beautiful bride, who is eagerly waiting for his return.

The bride then arrives for the Dhaare, where cumin seeds and jaggery paste is poured over the bride and the groom by each other. There were a lot of fun moments during this ritual. 

Kushala's brother and his wife then do the Kanyadana. This was an emotional moment for the bride's family, and we could see that in a few faces.

Other elders from the groom's and bride's family pour milk and give their blessings. 

The moment of truth, the time to tie the knot. "Was Amith nervous?" was the question in everyone's minds, but the ever cool Amith denies it on the face. All we cared about was capturing the right moments and not missing an emotion, whether it was happiness or not. 

The groom and bride promise each other to lead a life of fulfillment with the Saptapadi. The infamous Arundhati nakshatra ritual remains fun to photograph. 

There were a few fun rituals that followed which included the ring competition and other traditions where the bride and groom had to sell their elephants and make promises about the marriage.

Yes, after all the proceedings were done and the chaos died down, we took a few shots of the couple. 


When everything decks up, there is celebration, and this celebration was no less. The reception in the evening was a very colourful celebration of the families. Here are some glimpses for you.

Yes, we had a lot of fun making some great memories and capturing some real moments and stories. This is what makes us go back to weddings and capture it forever, in the hearts of our friends getting married and a little space in our own hearts. 

Hearty Congratulations Kushala and Amith!!! May you both have the best of the times ahead and continue your journey of love and bonding. Stay Blessed. 


​Sneha and Vinod

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