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Navya and Naveen

This one was different from the rest. We assure you it was. This was the first time we got a wedding bypassing our usuals i.e. the engagement and pre-wedding.. When it's such a scenario, you don't really know what to expect. So, technically, this was a first, but if a first is filled with a lot of good vibes and happy faces, it does relax your nerves for sure. Like the earlier blog, we are going to let the images speak and talk less about the experiences we had. Well, Facebook also warns us of excessive text in a Sponsored post :D Hence we would like to cut down on it and let you enjoy the images. 

The Devara Samaradhane was a different experience​. Very colourful and fun filled. Navya really enjoyed this, and we saw some hearty laughs and brimming faces. 


Later in the day, Naveen's family was welcomed and the proceedings of the Vara Pooje commenced. Navya was eagerly waiting for her Groom to arrive. 


The decors were ready, the stage was set, and the bride and groom were ready to welcome the guests who were coming in to wish and bless them..

Did you notice how the groom looks classy and dashing in black and white renditions?



Rituals, traditions and customs. It was the day of the wedding and the sun hadn't yet risen over the horizon. The serene and calm environs, the rustling of the fan blades inside the wedding hall created an unusual warmth in our hearts.  New bonds were going to be made, families were going to be extended, smiles and laughter were blending into the rituals. The bride and the groom looked simple yet elegant in their cream coloured silk saree and panche.  

Naveen sets off on his journey to Kashi, but is forced to come back to his beautiful bride

There were some more fun rituals and fun times.. Look at Naveen's concentration!

Naveen had to win after all that concentration and focus. 

Navya was then gracefully handed over to Naveen's family.​

It was a short one. When you have an early Muhurta, it tends to end quicker than other weddings. Time runs faster and everyone gets a breather. However, we also got to have some lovely group shots. 

Navya and Naveen - both of you make a wonderful pair, both of you exuberate simplicity and positive vibes. We wish you the very best in the years to come and hope that your smiles and laughters echo through testing times. :)


Sneha and Vinod

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