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Deeksha and Kiran

Last year was tough on everyone. We have had weddings getting deferred and this was one of them. We looked forward to covering this wedding, and in February this year, we were able to cover this grandeur.

Like all good things begin with a bang, the events of this wedding kicked off with a Cocktail party and boy was it fun! Deeksha and Kiran both looked their stunning best and the party was kicked off with a few performances from friends and family. The dance floor was then opened up and all of them did shake a leg or two.


After all the party craziness, we had some of the traditional rituals with the Haldi and Mehendi of Deeksha. When so many colours combine, there is a lot of good vibes that create the magic. We love to capture those vibes and that's exactly how we like it.

Some candid moments from Deeksha's haldi ceremony, and it was all yellow. The vibrancy of the turmeric applied created some happy moments.

We were in awe of the detailing done by the Mehendi artist. His patience was beyond exemplary.


The wedding events began with the welcoming of Kiran and his family. Set in the beautiful Palace Sheesh Mahal, the decor was just sublime.

The lights in the background, the flower arrangement were all just near perfect for great photo opportunities.

We then had the reception and the couple welcomed guests who were waiting for a long time to witness this wedding. Our usual partners in shooting crime, Time-lapse Studios were with us covering this event. You can see some of their brilliant images in here too!

The stage turned into a dreamy fairytale with all the fireworks and fog setup, and well they deserved it.


The following day was the wedding and we witnessed some really intimate moments and emotions with teary eyes to happy smiles, and we soaked all of it in. Well that is why we thoroughly enjoy weddings, for their subtle emotions. Trust us, we take back a lot into our own lives with these moments.

The cream and silk suited Deeksha and Kiran to perfection.

Deeksha and Kiran, we thoroughly enjoyed the wedding festivity and we can't thank you enough for choosing us and treating us like family! We wish you both the very best in the future and may you continue to be as awesome as you are.


Sneha and Vinod

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