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Akshita and Rahul

We started with our busy yet fun wedding season with this beautiful wedding, set in a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing location called 'The Peacock Grove' in Bangalore. We met Rahul a few years ago in a wedding and he promised us that we would surely cover his wedding and he kept that promise. Through Rahul, we met Akshita and we loved the bond that they shared and it was very endearing to watch. Akshi was quite nervous when we met her but we saw her worries melt away when she saw Rahul. They are truly made for each other.

We had the wedding proceedings with the welcoming of the groom followed by an entertaining evening with the 2 families getting to know each other through some heart warming speeches by friends and family. There were also some fun games that had some light-hearted moments. One of our closest allies and harate partner Mahesh was with us to cover this wedding and we couldn't be happier.

Just look at how simple yet elegant lighting lifts the mood of a place. We thoroughly had a lot of fun just taking pics of the decor.

Their love for sure has to be captured with beautiful moments like these!

Talk about a roast about you on your wedding day! Just what uncle had in mind with his epic speech about Rahul and his childhood memories. Rahul's reaction should tell you exactly what he felt.

We truly wish their love remains as simple as both of them are.


We were all early risers for the day and all of us were up before the sun decided to show up. The blue skies called for some enticing blue hour photography of the groom. The decor again was minimal, subtle, natural and elegant.

I guess this is the only wedding where we got to take so many portraits of the groom and the bride in different locations and we thoroughly loved using the entire space of the venue.

This location has all our heart. It just gives so much breathing space to think and make such aesthetically pleasing photos.

Rahul was at his goofy self and that's one of the things that made this wedding a lot of fun. The garland exchange and Oonjal was thoroughly fun and entertaining. Both the families participated whole heartedly.

A tight hug at the end of a tiring day is all one needs.

The above picture sums up the wedding for us. It was beautiful, simple, elegant and showed a lot of love between 2 beautiful souls who decided to get married and take their union forward.

Rahul and Akshita, we truly are thankful to you for having us cover your wedding and being a part of such a lovely celebration of the two of you. We wish you both nothing but the best for your future.


Sneha and Vinod

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