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Shruti and Suhaas

We love weddings. We love all form of weddings. We love weddings in all locations and we love all the people associated with it. There is so much to learn from a wedding and that lasts a long time. All the friends we have made at weddings have come back to us as blessings in our lives. Such was this wedding where the aunt of Suhaas got us on board for her nephew's wedding.

I think we have repeated this time and again, getting accepted as family members, is when we feel truly blessed. This is the biggest gift we get from every wedding. So many of our clients have turned into such close friends, we feel really surprised.

We met Shruti and Suhaas on the day of the wedding and I think they have been one of the most patient couples we have met who were always ready for photos to be taken. Their smiles and laughter was thoroughly endearing. They too had so many ideas of their own and we always welcome new ideas.

This venue (Samaya Venue & Leisure) has all the vibes. We covered 2 weddings in this place in a span of 10 days and that excites us! The advantage of going back to a space is to know exactly where your money shots come from. The decor was done by this fabulous team called We Plan For You.

Our 2 closest friends - light and shadow were with us the entire time for this wedding. You can see our friendship with them.

Shruti and Suhaas both enjoyed every bit of this intimate wedding. With the limited guests, we had some fun candid moments of the couple and their families.

Their smiles were the highlight of the wedding, and why not, you have to flaunt your best feature.

Having greenery in a location is the best thing you can ask as a photographer because no matter what you do, you get some of the best results without a lot of effort. However, for you to choose good photographers, ask them to show their best work amidst nature and you'll immediately know what they do with it.

After all the rituals were over, we got some ample amount of time with them and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.


With the lights fading soon after the golden hour, we had the reception and the low lights and beautiful decor added to the charm of the evening.

Don't these two look so good together?

Everyone had a lot of fun and laughed their hearts out, and why not, when two families get together for the first time, all of the worries go away and you are left with a lot of love and laughter.

Shruti and Suhaas, both of you are amazing and truly "Better Together" and you have our good wishes for a long, happy and healthy married life together. We thank you for choosing us to cover some of your best memories and we will carry forward these memories for a very long time with us.


Sneha and Vinod

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