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Manisha and Varun

The wedding season is always our favourite. Busy and hectic shoot schedules, charging the multiple batteries, not knowing when to pack the bags, not knowing where to sleep and how long to sleep, and yet we need to be charged up for the entire duration of the wedding. All these things are a typical season for a photographer. However, if you have some really amazing and sweet people like Varun and Manisha all those little nuances don't seem to bother you one bit. You don't even know when the event got over and yet you enjoy some of the fondest memories you take back. Some more of that partner in crime friendship with Mahesh and all those photography worries also vanish.

We started off with a small gathering at Varun's place. There was no dearth of smiles and laughter and we thoroughly had a lot of fun covering a small gathering. You get to meet some really close family members who keep you company and take care of you throughout.


After a couple of days, we met Manisha for the first time and her infectious smile was what made us feel what an adorable person she is. I'm sure if you see these pictures, you would also say to yourself "What an adorable couple". The wedding was set in Anantya in Palace grounds, Bangalore and the rains added to the charm of the wedding. Although the wedding was supposed to happen outdoor, the rains made everything to be indoors. The warmth and love during the wedding however didn't have any impact because of the late monsoon.

We then had the Varapooje with Manisha's family welcoming Varun into theirs.

The below picture is exactly how we remember all of them. Very happy, cheerful and at the same time emotional when it meant to be.

If the below picture doesn't make you go "aww" then I'm not sure of what you are made of! ;)


The Varapooje was followed by the Sangeet in the evening. The rains didn't seem to stop and the dance floor was to be lit by the performances. The decor was tastefully done and we enjoy such artistic setups.

We really need to tell you about what dance means to Manisha, or could we really call it a synonym of hers? Also, need to tell you about it being an antonym of Varun :D Manisha loves to dance and it was so endearing to watch. Although Varun had some really good dance moves, you could really know that he prefers watching someone else dance than being the center of attraction.


Immediately after the Sangeet was the Reception where they welcomed guests and friends. The rains could finally call it a day.


After an eventful night, the following day was the day of rituals and bonds. A lifetime of togetherness.

When you enjoy your own wedding, we as photographers truly call it a blessing. We get to see so many joyous moments, and also so many emotional moments. You will truly treasure these emotions a few years from now.

Moments like these (picture below) is what keeps us going. To see what relationships look like and what bonds of people feel like. We are truly blessed to be in the forefront of all these emotions.

Manisha and Varun, we are so thankful that you had us cover your beautiful wedding. Both of you are adorable and look absolutely fab together and we wish you nothing but the best for your years of togetherness. Hope you do stay as cheerful as you guys are now.


Sneha and Vinod

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1 Comment

Mar 21, 2023

Varun-Manisha marriage story was beautifully narrated in sequentialy with photographs covering the events.

Good job .

R Rangarajan

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