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Kalyani and Nikhil

Have you ever instantly liked someone when you spoke to them for the first time? We have and this our adorable couple - Kalyani and Nikhil! When we spoke to them over a video call the first time, we instantly liked how clear they were with what they wanted which makes our work a lot easier.

We spent a good few days with them and their families and our bond with the families was pretty much instant. They were so warm and welcoming that we felt at home!

Nikhil is one of the most understanding grooms that we have worked with. His friendly outlook and 'things will fall in it's place' attitude really stands out. His laughter is quite infectious and the way he expresses things is admirable.

The Kashi Yaatre was as fun as it could be, but first, Mind your head!

So Nikhil invited Kalyani for his wedding, so do you really think he would go away without seeing her at his wedding?

We have really been accepted by so many families by now that our desk jobs back then seems like a joke! Being amidst parents of brides and grooms have made us realise how blessed we are! The love and affection we get is so heart warming.


The fun and laughter continued on Day 2 and it was a larger gathering of friends and family that made us smile.

Can you spot one of us hiding in the picture below?

Oh yes, we can also mimic the sunlight, did we do a great job here? ;) And can we forget about the amazing food that we had here? It was incredibly delicious!


The wedding was set amidst nature in the beautiful Samaya Venue & Leisure and the environment was so soothing with so many trees and landscaping around. When your partners in crime - Time Lapse Studios come along, the wedding is going to be memorable for sure! The decor and planning of the entire wedding was done by Tales Of Marigold and the entire setup was so dreamy.

The Varapooje started off with so much of joy that we couldn't help capturing some really candid moments.

When we met Kalyani in person, we knew we're going to like her clarity of mind and also her beautiful smile that radiated throughout. We knew this was going to be a wedding we would remember for a long time. Her makeup and hair was done by the super talented Shruthi Julta and her work speaks for herself.


The evening was set up with so many fairy lights and flowers that felt so beautiful in the night. Nikhil and Kalyani both looked really stunning and we knew we would have a memorable evening. However, the rains didn't play sport and we didn't really have a reception that could be captured in all it's glory. However, we did find sometime to sneak in a few pics before it poured cats and dogs.

Can you see how it rained and ruined all the hardwork put up by the decor team?

However, that didn't stop from the couple and their families from having some fun!!

The band, The Acoustic Saga set the mood right after all the downpour! Everyone there danced their hearts out and had their own moments of laughter and love!


We had an early start to the next day and we were looking forward to soak all of it. With some disruptions in electricity we could make some great phone torch photos kicking off the day with some low key images!

And ofcourse, how can we not take some photos of the sunkissed bride? Also, doesn't Kalyani look stunning?

Throughout the wedding, Nikhil couldn't stop admiring Kalyani and he didn't miss a chance to make it fun.

The bride and groom really stood out amidst the greens!

The frolic doubles when everyone gets involved!

Kalyani and Nikhil, the both of you look absolutely fantastic together and we wish nothing but the best for the both of you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us and allowing us to capture some of the best moments of your wedding!


Sneha and Vinod

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