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Sneha and Sameer

A Feb 14th wedding! One filled with a lot of love and smiles and more such sweet memories. When you're surrounded by a lively gathering, your mood uplifts instantly. One thing we have done differently (or tried to atleast) after purchasing the Magmod kit, is to create a dynamic light rather than a flat lighting that make the photos boring. Yes, you can't do it always, but whenever opportunity presents, we have tried to do different things.  As always, having Time-lapse studios with us creates an atmosphere of fun. We also secretly(an open secret of-course) use some of their images for our blogs. 

We had an opportunity to know some of the close family of Sneha during her Mehendi. We also had her close friends accompany her and they also got their hands coloured with Mehendi. What's a family function without some fun and music and dance. 


The following day was a day to welcome Sameer and his family into Sneha's family. There was a Vara Pooje followed by a reception to bless the couple. The advantages of a traditional wedding is that you see multiple rituals and that is a very colourful sight. When you have some customs to make each other's families comfortable, as a candid photographer that is a gold mine for you. You get to see many smiles which are not forced at all. 


Valentine's day for a wedding, and that day for your wedding anniversary for the rest of your lives is a great thing to have. A weekday wedding means that when everyone else is hurrying to work, we are taking things slow. Photography cannot be run and gun, it just cannot. You cannot have great images without taking the time to setup, no matter the experience you have. The best part about weddings in South India is that you have filter coffee before anything else. This clearly opens your mind to new opportunities, to new lights and shadows as we say. Sneha was looking at her beautiful best and Sameer was anticipating his bride with open arms. 

We love window light. Cannot stress this enough. Window lights give the natural looking Rembrandt lighting, the curtains diffuse the light well enough so you don't need any other diffusion. Close down some of the curtains and you can get some crazy looking natural light. We lit the bride exactly with this setup without any artificial lighting. 

Needless to say, we lit the groom also in the same way. There was beautiful light coming in from the large windows of the wedding hall. 

Look at how subtle smiles change into broad grins once the bride and groom are with each other. This is why we enjoy wedding photography so much. 

Sneha and Sameer, both of you make a wonderful pair and we wish the best for you. Thank you for choosing us to cover your wedding. We really enjoyed covering this and creating memories for you. 


Sneha and Vinod

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