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Aakruthi and Sriram

Sometimes you meet new people and you have a connection with them instantly. This was the case when we met Aakruthi and her family.. It makes it very easy to create images when someone has that trust in you. From the first day where we had the Bangle ceremony and the Haldi to the Get together, we felt like a part of their family..

As has been the case with our earlier blogs, we will do less of talking and more of showing off our work 'cause we believe we created some nice imagery for them to cherish for a long time. 


It was time for Aakruthi's family to welcome Sriram's family into theirs. Dawn was upon us, and the preparations for the wedding had commenced. The chants from the ISKCON temple were soothing, and the much needed coffee was being savoured. The heart warming music from Nada Swara adds the special touch always. Need we say, it is an absolute pleasure working with Time-lapse studios


The newly married couple were ready now to welcome friends and family for the reception. ​The subtle colours looked really beautiful on the beautiful couple. 


The couple invited close friends and family for a get together at Royal Orchid Regenta. This fun filled event was a perfect closure to the wedding and we also got to make some memorable images for ourselves and everyone. 

Hearty Congratulations Aakruthi and Sriram. You guys are beautiful people who make a lovely pair. Wish you both the best of everything in the days to come.


Sneha and Vinod

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