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Anupama and Varun

When your close friend is getting married, you are really excited, but when your close friend asks you to capture the best moment of their lives, your excitement sky rockets. 

Our very first engagement shoot was that of Anupama and Varun during May this year, and we were thrilled to know that they really liked the pictures that we captured. 

Anupama's family was all geared up to welcome Varun and his family. We had some surprises lined up by the good folks at the Sapthapadi Palace as well. There was a carpet of fog created as soon as Varun walked in with Anupama's dad. 

Anupama was looking at her simple yet stunning best and was waiting for Varun to arrive. 

​A lot of gifts were exchanged as part of the rituals.


The stage was beautiful decked and the guests were awaiting to wish the couple. There was a lot of fun and joyous moments which we captured. Cousins are the people who uplift the mood of any occasion, and here we had plenty of them to make it a very happy and memorable occasion. 

We truly saw the phrase 'More the merrier' come alive on stage as well. 

No, we aren't done with the reception pics just yet, here are some more of the beautiful bride and the dashing groom


An island mantapa was setup for the proceedings of the wedding. It was adorned with beautiful flowers that it looked like a piece of beauty on its own. 

I think it's a cliche to say that the bride was looking absolutely beautiful, but we will still say it, Anupama was looking her best on the day of the wedding. We think the camera secretly knew some of the right angles to capture her on the day.

The first ritual to commence the wedding was the Gowri Pooje, which was done by Anupama.

While Varun was eager to see his bride, he had to first deny the marriage and go for his Kashi yatra, but then later he had to come back to his beautiful bride. 

Anupama's parents welcomed Varun to the mantapa and welcomed him to his Grihastha phase of life. Prayers were performed by both families to bless the groom. 

Anupama is then welcomed onto the mantapa for the Dhaare. Both families and their relatives greet each other with mega smiles on their faces. The Kanyadaana then follows with the families blessing the couple for a long life. 

The couple then express their wishes and desires by showering rice and confetti on each other. 

The couple were tied by the threads of trust and love. The knot was tied by Varun and Anupama was a happy bride. And yes, did we mention that an iPad can be a makeshift mirror during a wedding? An iMirror perhaps apple? 

The seven steps of vows are taken by the newly wed. Also, we did spot some crows during the infamous Arundhati nakshatra ritual ;)

A few more glimpses of the rest of the wedding. Dheeraj was the Kshetra Palaka; Varun readily agreed for a treat in JW Mariott (no, actually it was a little tough to convince him). We must say that both Anupama and Varun are quite competitive and it showed in the ring in the bucket competition. Yes, we all got a little teary eyed towards the end.  

It was an absolutely fun filled wedding with oodles of memories to take back, and for us a great learning experience as


Anupama and Varun, you guys make a fantabulous pair! Wish you all the best for your future. Stay Blessed.


​Sneha and Vinod :)

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