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Ashwija and Manu

First post of 2020! What better than blogging about these two lovely people. We don't think we have seen a groom as calm as Manu. This calm demeanor transforms itself into the pictures that you see below. This elegant wedding was set in Father Muller Auditorium in Mangalore, and it was something we will remember for many years to come. Before the big day, the two families met each other and there was a Sangeet function which kicked off all the events.  


They say do your photography when the sun is low at the horizon and the shadows are softer, but going beyond the comfort zone usually makes for some creative imagery. When the sun is high, the shadows are darker and that's typically what we have started to like. 

The entry of the bride and groom was done in impeccable style. 

The stage was hands on one of the best decors we have seen so far! It was simple, it was elegant, it was eye catching and beautiful. 

We got to steal some of the candid moments from this lovely wedding, and documenting these moments makes us want to be wedding photographers for a long time in our lives. 

Bokeh is something used loosely and all mobile cameras today have portrait modes to help you achieve bokeh, but when you see there is ample opportunity of bokeh, you make images like these. With the close focusing distance of the Tamron FE mount, you are bound to get such interesting perspectives. The lights in the background of the auditorium helped us create some unique images. 

When lit well, simple scenes transform into magical scenes. 

It's never easy to let go of the daughter. It's an emotional moment for the bride's family. 


Couple of days later, we covered their reception in Bangalore. Shots of the couple getting ready is something we mostly look forward to, as we get ample time to get something creative and hopefully the couple can remember. 

The brides handpick their jewellery, so we do make sure to capture them a little differently in our style. Moreover, we enjoy product photography, so that's an added bonus we suppose!

Ashwija and Manu, we hope you have some amazing times together, fruitful and filled with joy! Thank you for choosing Pixel Reflections to be a part of your cherished moments. 


Sneha and Vinod

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