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Bhanupriya and Arjun

When two humble and simple souls meet each other, they are bound to bond.. :)

By now you might have got the drift that we get to shoot the engagement of the couple, then their pre-wedding and then their wedding. Yes, the same thing happened here as well, but in the process, we met two lovely people who personify simplicity.. A typical shy wedding perhaps? Yes, maybe to an extent, but we wanted to add some bit of our touch to it too..

Every wedding is a learning experience, especially the rituals performed and the reason behind it.. Some we understand, some we don't, some we google, some we ignore.. Whatever the tradition and ritual is, we want to get that story through our images.. ​So instead of explaining what we learnt this time, we thought, we would share a visual narrative through individual images. 

Have we already mentioned about our friends at Time-lapse Studios? Photographing weddings are fun with them for sure!! 

The Bale Shastra in the morning was a colourful event. However, before we arrived the bride was already taking photos on her camera! Talk about photographing your own wedding :)

The eloquent colours and the craftsmanship at work. The coming together of different people and elements in a wedding makes it an unforgettable event. People help out selflessly and the different emotions are a joy to watch.


The groom's family was welcomed with great gusto and the reception was a grand affair. ​​


Bhanu and Arjun looked at their stunning best.


The day of the vows, the rituals, and the adventure began for the bride and the groom. The following morning was the wedding, where we saw some colourful contrasts, and some subtle smiles of happiness. 

Well, I don't think our wedding photoshoot is complete without the shot of the Baithale bottu - the piece of jewellery over the bride's forehead. The Sigma 18-35 is our best friend for such beautiful rendition.

Pouring of the Jeerige Bella by the bride and groom over each other during the Dhaare is a beautiful ritual and means a lot scientifically. The combination of Cumin and Jaggery releases a positive energy which helps with the proceedings of the wedding. 

As part of the Kanyadana, all family members and guests pour milk over the coconut held by the bride and groom. If you have many guests invited, this could be strenuous for the couple, but it is also time for them to bond and share a few smiles. 

We thoroughly enjoyed this experience of creating stories and memories for a lifetime for Bhanu and Arjun, and their families. HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to both of you. May you have the best of everything in the days to come! 


Sneha and Vinod

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