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Divya and Suhas

When your sister is getting married there is this aura of excitement that surrounds the house. Guests start pouring in, arrangements are being made by everyone in the family, and the moments of happiness are plenty to count. When your sister asks you to be a part of the celebrations by capturing the candid moments of their wedding, you are nervous and excited at the same time. At such moments when you have a partner team like Time-lapse Studios, you can concentrate on making memories easily. :)  When the youngest daughter of your entire dad's family is getting married, there are some sure high points and low points that you have to deal with. Whatever be the case, we were sure to get all those moments evermore. Since this was our first outstation wedding, we were looking forward to this more than ever!

When you meet Suhas, you know for sure that he leaves a 'feel good' mark on you. The events started with a ring exchange ceremony where the two families met and had their introductions and laughters and broke bread together over some delicious food. 


Once the rings were exchanged, Haldi was applied to the pretty bride. 


The sun rose in the western coast city that never sleeps and the day was finally here. The fast local was taking people places, and Divya was slowly awaiting the knot to be tied by Suhas. The music from the brass band filled the streets and Suhas was fluid with his moves. With a good caffeine kick, we began the proceedings of the day. 

The mantap was tastefully decorated with flowers and bouquets and was adding to the subtle tones of the wedding hall.  

Divya and Suhas looked at their best and their smiles and tears expressed their love for each other. 

The below image is easily one of our recent favourite images which sums up what it means to be a bride. 

When the wedding hall turns into a dance floor, you can't resist and you end up shaking a leg or two. 

There's something about the bride whose eyes look down with a hint of smile when the groom ties the knot, the grace of the moment is etched forever. 


The couple hosted a reception for extended family and friends in the evening. The stage was a subtle white themed adornment. Divya and Suhas looked at their stunning best as usual. 

It was a lot of fun covering this wedding as it was a very personal connection to all those who attended at the wedding. Divya and Suhas, both of you complement each other really well and you look really lovely together. We wish you the best of everything for your years together. Thank you for choosing and trusting us to cover one of your best events!


​Sneha and Vinod

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