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Lakshmi and Arjun

..... And finally a wedding that we covered after five and half months of staying at home! Thanks to this lovely couple who called us to cover this small intimate wedding in a resort just outside the city. We sincerely wish that this is the scenario going forward - that we spend our money where it means to, on the people that mean a lot to us. 

Keeping in mind about the social distancing norms, everything was very well spread out to make the families comfortable. As vendors, we were also made very comfortable with the arrangements, because at the back of our minds, we also had the fear of going back to our homes, to our families.

Setting the fear aside, we had a lot of fun covering this wedding. The first day we had the Mehendi and Sangeet, and boy did the little group have their share of fun. The Mehendi decor was set in red and yellow colour palette and they looked absolutely gorgeous by the natural light diffused by the clouds. Seeing all those hearty smiles and laughters is what we had dearly missed and we felt extremely happy to be getting back into the groove. You should by now know, that our groove is incomplete without our friends at

Lakshmi and her broad smile and happy face radiated throughout the event, and we love seeing the shine and joy in our brides! 

Arjun is soft spoken and chooses to speak less! I think we really enjoy the balance that this couple brings to the table. Together they are usually laughing and why not, that's how we love to see them. 

The ladies got into a team and challenged the men in a round of Antakshari. Listening to songs from all languages was so refreshing.


Waking up early in the morning to cover a wedding is one of the most dear things to us. The aroma of freshly brewed tea, the chirping of the birds, the gentle zephyr, all of them nourish the soul. When you're amidst nature and get to make photographs, that's the other best things that have happened to us in the recent past. With lush greenery surrounding us, we could make some really wonderful portraits. 

The mantap was set in the center of the swimming pool with all sorts of colours radiating in the mid morning sun. We were sure we were going to thoroughly enjoy covering this wedding. The overnight rains made sure we were not sweating under our masks during the day! 

The below shot by Time-lapse studios is why we enjoy shooting with them. We believe this is how a photo journalistic image should be made, with all the elements conspiring in your favour. Such a brilliant image!

Lakshmi and Arjun, we sincerely thank you for giving us the opportunity to cover your wedding and helping us being a part of a small group of wonderful people. We wish the best of times ahead and may both of you radiate your beautiful smiles into the world. 


Sneha and Vinod

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