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Meghana and Anush

And so finally the day arrived.. The day our most favourite couple, our best friends getting married to each other.. The anticipation, excitement, mixed emotions all were going haywire, but deep down all of us were extremely happy.. Four days of memories sewn together beautifully which will be cherished for years together.. 

​​The beauty in her eyes, The richness of the intense yellows..  The clinking of the glass bangles, The intricate designs etched deep within..

Some imagery from the Arshina Shastra and Mehendi below should give an idea about the happy bride, or should we say the happiest bride that we know of? Needless to say, this extended family of ours is one of the best things that has happened to us. We had a tough task to make sure their memories are captured in their truest sense. With our friends at Time-lapse studios, it's a little easy on our nerves too..


The next day was set for close friends to shake a leg together in their Sangeet Ceremony. With good music and good food, the vibes are for sure to be good. 

We sway to the dance of the tunes, Hand in hand, heart in heart.. We laugh, we cry, For all stories are here to stay..

Friends liven up all weddings with all their stories and laughter.. When you have crazy friends, the fun is sure to double.. We really got to explore some of their fun side.. 

Anush and his close friends Anurag and Rahul narrated some of their truest emotions about how they feel about Anush getting married.. With a sweetly written note for Meghana, Anush also spoke his heart out expressing his love for her and how they complete each other. Need we say that this made Meghana shed some happy tears.. It takes a lot of courage for someone to speak in front of a couple of hundred people... 

The above image sums up what they mean to each other.. 


​We woke up to a warm and cloudy morning the next day. The welcoming of Anush and his family and the ring exchange was to take place. The decor of the venue at Palace Sheesh Mahal, in Palace grounds was just so fairy tale like. 

It's the day where we exchange, Vows of love, trust and togetherness..  Where we look forward, to a lifetime of little joys.. 

When you are at your wedding, your concentration tends to lapse.. Your lapsed concentration could also cost you some dear money for your stolen shoes.. 


A grand reception was planned for friends and relatives.. The decor and the grandeur had all of us in awe.. The lights and the chandeliers all added to the breathtaking views around us.. Notice how our couple look nothing less than celebrities, and why not, it's their day, they deserve to look at their best.. 

The flowers are arranged, The lights add the touch of magic..  We welcome all those who bless us, with warm hugs and bright smiles.. 

The above shot was inspired by ChaySam's wedding (shot by Joseph Radhik).. We had fallen flat for the image and wanted to recreate it at the given opportunity.. 

We were extremely glad to create the above image.. Black and White tones just add to the beauty of the image.. 


The chants were finally going to be said.. The elders were around to bless the pair who were going to be locked into a lifetime of oneness.. It was the day of the Muhurta and then mantapa was beautifully adorned in deep colours.. The sun was just starting to rise, and the caffeine was just starting to kick in and prepared us for another eventful day.. 

Let us tie the three knots, And the promise of walking ​together..  Let us smile our smiles, laugh our laughs, And grasp our bonds forever.. 

No matter how much you wish not to, sometimes the situation is a little overwhelming and you tend to shed a tear or two. 

Tying the knot is not easy, in many literal senses.. Moreover, tying three knots with the flower garlands around the bride's neck requires skill.. 

The stars of the day also have to see another star - The Arundhati Nakshatra.. 

This was a big leap for us.. In terms of thinking, equipment handling, technical proficiency and much more.. We were thoroughly blessed to have this opportunity presented to us.. We are always thankful to the people who believe that we can help them cherish their memories.. Thank you Meghana and Anush for having us cover your wedding.. We really wish you the best times ahead and leave you with our favourite candid moment. 


Sneha and Vinod

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