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Nagashree and Kiran

The first of anything is always special. Always!  It was an absolutely fun experience capturing the Engagement ceremony of Nagashree and Kiran in June this year. We clearly bonded well with the families since the shutter first opened on our cameras.  We were invited to capture the moments of their wedding, and guess what, our nerves started to give away, since we had never captured a wedding before! The most important day in a couple's life, you better not mess up with it! However, since we were already familiar with the families, it made us comfortable in going ahead with it.

Nagashree's family invites the groom and his entire family to the wedding. The continuous and melodious music from the Vaadya plays as the groom's family arrives. Happy faces inviting each other was a treat to our eyes. 

Nagashree gets ready to see Kiran, and the family is all excited to start the ceremonies. 

The smile on Kiran's face radiated throughout the hall.

Nagashree makes her entrance in a grand fashion in an artistically designed Palanquin (Pallakki). Her relatives put in an enormous effort to make it look beautiful.

The families then exchanged gifts and we had a chance to get some really beautiful moments captured.

What's a happy moment without some dance! Nagashree's relatives are extremely cheerful people who enjoy shaking a leg, or two perhaps. 


Nagashree was all set to be decked up while Kiran's peta was ready for him to be crowned.

Kashi yaatre was absolutely fun to watch. Kiran and his family was invited by Nagashree's family for the wedding and to kick start the proceedings. We must say that Kiran's danglings were absolutely adorable :D Nagashree was performing her Gowri pooje and Kiran made his grand entrance into the wedding hall.

Nagashree was carried to the stage by her maternal uncles while Kiran was patiently awaiting to see his bride. These moments are the most fun in any wedding as both families are smiling from ear to ear. The shy bride to the eager groom is all what we got to experience and capture.

The most beautiful person during the wedding has to be the bride and we got to capture some candid moments of hers.

Garlands were exchanged by Nagashree and Kiran. Rice is auspicious for the traditional South Indian weddings. We got to see an array of coloured rice being used to create those magical moments.

Knots are tied and bonds are made, forever. 

The seven promises were made during Sapthapadi and agni is their witness

Food was served. Everyone enjoyed a hearty meal. Nagashree with mixed emotions, was then invited to the groom's family. 


The stage was set. The couple and their families looked their best. Here are some of the moments that were captured during the reception

Hearty Congratulations Nagashree and Kiran! Have a blessed life ahead :) Thank you for choosing us to capture your best moments, forever!

We reiterate. The first of anything is always special, and for us, this wedding will always remain special. Always! :)

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