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Parinitha and Sandeep

There was a funny hashtag that was created, but it was rejected by Parinitha :D If you can guess what that hashtag is, you are a true 90s kid! This wedding was every bit of fun, emotional and a lot of joyful moments that came alive. Just a couple of weeks before the lockdown, we got to cover this beautiful outdoor wedding at Jayamahal Palace along with our buddies from Time-lapse Studios. It was an intimate wedding with a few guests with a beautiful setup. 

A day before the main event, we had a small gathering of close knit friends who have shared their friendship for over 45 years! Hearing stories of their childhood, school crushes and other narratives, we were sure this wedding was one to be remembered by us for a long long time. 

Parinitha is not your usual shy bride; she is smart and lively, she was there to have fun and why not. It is her big day. Knowing people from various walks of life is the most endearing thing for us as wedding photographers. We wouldn't have really experienced true life emotions sitting at a desk from 9 to 5. There were plenty of these real emotions which we got to capture on both the days. 

Management is truly not responsible for your belongings. 

When friends meet after many years, there is sure to be some amazing times, some stories that will leave you in splits and some stories that would moisten your eyes. 

Daddy's girl is what we could truly understand about Pari, and why not, it was one of the most endearing relationships on earth. 


The wedding was setup elegeantly with a subtle decor. Natural light weddings have become our favourite, and the trouble of setting up lights wasn't the case with this wedding. 

The wedding sprang into life with the Gowri pooje and it was fun to see Parinitha, who likes to speak, not allowed to speak during the entire Gowri pooje. We like brides who break the rules with the colour of the wedding saree, and seeing Pari in her yellow and golden saree was such a relief. 

There were a lot of natural moments that we could capture, and Sandeep being very expressive made it very easy for others to join in and give us some of those stories for a lifetime. 

This image below is one of our favourites from the entire set. Has a mixture of everything from emotion, to the complimenting background. 

Notice these expressions! One with a subtle smile, seeing hope in what is happening, another anticipating something else hidden in that smile. It's moments like these that make us love documentary type of photography. 

We'll let you enjoy the rest of the pictures and not bore you with more text to read. You're here for the pictures anyway right? ;)

Parinitha and Sandeep, thank you! We got to experience your beautiful wedding before the mayhem and we sincerely hope you guys have the best of times ahead. Keep laughing like you do, keep the spirits high and stay blessed. 


Sneha and Vinod

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