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Prathiksha and Harsha

When we think of weddings, we think of the numerous emotions that flow along with it... Yet, there are some weddings, where it's all thought out carefully, so that the emotions are kept simple, and we love working with people who are simple.. A wedding of 2 doctors by profession for sure would have been an uncomplicated affair and so it was.. 

Prathiksha and her family were very welcoming of us and made us feel comfortable the very first time we met them at their house for the Devarasamaradhane function. When people place their trust in you, you tend to perform better in so many ways. As for performing better as a team, we have our usual partners in crime - Time-Lapse Studios.. Some of their great images are always borrowed in our blogs.. 


The groom and the bride were all decked to welcome guests and relatives to their reception.. Notice how the pinks, whites, golds stand out? Decors are supposed to be elegant and not shout at you.. 

Spray shots are our absolute favourites.. It's like an instant mood uplift for us.. :) 

2 different lightings in the same spot create such different emotions.. 

The cold pyro creates such a unique look to the photographs.. This was our first time photographing a couple with these fireworks.. 

We really enjoy these subtle colours.. They just speak to you about the personality of someone.


The break of dawn, from the blue hour to the golden hour to the sunny times is a favourite transition for any photographer.. If you're in South India, this is when the traditions begin and when we format our cards and get ready.. The decor at Dwarakapuri hall at ISKCON temple in Bangalore is always a simple yet elegant one.. The bride was already ready to welcome her groom and the proceedings for the day were underway.. 

The below image is one such image that has us smile from ear to ear.. You cannot get these in a posed photograph.. 

The Chande and Kombu were played to announce the grand entry of the bride and the groom.. 

Did you notice their names embroidered on her beautiful saree..?

There are a lot of light shapers in the market, but the Magmod beats them all in terms of handling and ease of use.. The below image was created using a Grid and a sphere and the soft light says it all about the quality.. 

Prathiksha and Harsha, Thank you for giving us an opportunity to cover some of these precious moments from your lives.. The emotions will stay with us forever.. We wish you the best of everything for your future.. 

Leaving you with our favourite one from the entire set.. :) 


​Sneha and Vinod

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