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Priyanka and Nihaal

We love minimalistic weddings. We get to capture some endearing moments of the couple and family. We love weddings where the bride loves her Absolut Vodka and we loved mixing her jewellery shots with her trusted poison ;)  The simplicity of this wedding will linger on for us. This was our first Gurudwara wedding and the experience itself was very calming. The chants, the sounds of the Raagis, the environs of the Gurudwara all of them just get you involved into the proceedings. 

The day started early for us with the bride getting ready and the lazy holiday mood in the city. Natural light is our de facto for any type of photography and we made to use the shadow and light created by the burning star. Do you also notice the use of the favourite drink of the bride? 

The groom on the other hand looked dapper with his sherwani and turban. He looked ready to welcome his bride and their vows of together forever. The red turban with the blue skies in the backdrop of the Conrad hotel was something we had to capture. With real life saver tools like the Maggrid we could create some dramatic portraits. As always, we have our partners in crime - Time-lapse studios

The proceedings in the Gurudwara began with the entry of the bride and groom. The scriptures were read out from the Holy book. The bride and groom had their moments and they looked like a million bucks together. 

The toughest for a father is to let his daughter go and these are the moments in the wedding that you really don't want to miss as a photographer. 

Nihaal's shoes were then stolen for which he did pay a handsome amount to get it back. 

Thank you Priyanka and Nihaal for choosing us to cover your important day. We wish you the best of everything for the days and years to come. Stay happy!


Sneha and Vinod

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