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Ratika and Rohit

 #RoKiRa is the hashtag that aptly describes this couple. One is an enthusiastic romantic, while the other is a calm and composed personality with minimal responsiveness - we will let you guess who is what. Travelling to Mumbai for us is always a blessing, a blessing mostly to taste the street food :D Travelling with our partner team Time-lapse Studios is another blessing to taste more street food. So basically you must have understood the foodies in us, who travel to eat and experience local culture.  The wedding celebrations was spread over a few days and we got to experience all of it. Since this wedding was a personal one for us, it made it all the more special. 


We covered Ratika's Mehendi function and got to meet one of the most talented Mehendi artist - @armanasartofficial . The detailing her team ensured was amazing. 


The same evening we headed over to Rohit's house and the celebrations there was at par. The marination of the groom and his prep for the wedding was a delight to witness. 

The celebrations and the energy skyrocketed during the DJ night and the groom was at his best with his moves. Not to forget his family and friends and their enthusiasm in joining the party. 


Soaking in all the energy we headed back to the bride's place with big smiles on our faces. The following morning was the prep of the bride's family to begin the wedding proceedings. We would not be able to leave out the marination of the bride. 


The day had finally arrived. The sun was lazily peeping out of the clouds and all of us were in anticipation of the amazing time we were awaiting. I think we have stressed this enough in our previous blogs, we love simple decor for a wedding. What we love the best is these yellow and orange Marigold flowers which smell great and add their own charm to the pictures. 

When smiles and laughter take over all other emotions in the day, you know it is going to be a day to remember. Both Ratika and Rohit looked their best. We had their wedding followed by the reception. All bright colours and bright faces made us forget that we had to wake up at 5am. 

Rohit was then welcomed by Ratika's family and the wedding commenced officially. 

There is eagerness in every groom's eyes on how his bride looks during their day. This eagerness turns into bright smiles of love when their eyes meet. 

Did you spot the enthusiastic romantic yet? 

Weddings are bittersweet. The longing of being with someone forever, and the sadness of leaving your own clan behind is an emotion only the bride can feel. Yes, there are some who feel it and don't express it, yet there are some who do express it. 

Though we didn't get a lot of time to get their portraits taken, we made sure they could get some images to take back in their bank of memories. 

Ratika and Rohit, you guys are absolutely adorable and we love you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to cover your pre-wedding and your wedding. It was an absolutely amazing experience for us and you know it as well. We only wish the best for both of you. Stay blessed. 


Sneha and Vinod

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