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Rohinee and Kashif

The winter wedding season was on full swing with us travelling and making memories for many clients. Amidst this, was one of the most memorable weddings for us for its simplicity, friendly people and some genuine laughters which we hadn't seen in a long time. With the adjectives used in the previous sentence is our bond with Time-Lapse Studios, who in this wedding created some beautiful images, and we have used some of them in this blog! This wedding was also our first mix of indoor/outdoor wedding which was a lot of fun because of the natural light element which enhances all beauty, be it the bride or the decor. 

We were out before the sun was barely in a mood to light us up, but the fires from the homa warmed us all up. 

There's a lot of gratification in capturing real moments, because there requires no explanation of a story or a blog for it. Such real moments make someone's wedding last a lifetime and beyond that between generations to come. 

When the sun shines through windows, doors, creeks, vents, we use it for beautiful contrasts. Like we keep saying, there cannot be something more natural than natural light, so we use it to our advantage. 

In all the weddings that we have covered, we have met some of the most amazing grooms, some are shy, some are bored, some are interested, but we haven't met someone like Kashif who gave out so many positive vibes with his laughter. It really takes the moments captured to the next level.

We thoroughly love this custom of the maternal uncles carrying the bride to meet her groom. The bond between an uncle and his niece is eternal and this moment adds to eternity. 

Did you notice how Kashif is looking at his bride and eagerly awaiting to tie the knot?

Kashif truly stood tall with all the rituals which had all the fun elements. 

Rohinee gave her best and did not give up with all her strength! Indian weddings are all about fun, making both the families comfortable with each other and not to forget some delicious food, and we love capturing the essence of all these with our cameras. 

This was one of the most simple decors which was also the most elegant one. The yellow and orange combination adds a touch of its own charm. 

Rohinee and Kashif, both of you make a fun filled couple and we wish you both a bright future with your laughters echoing and warming up your lives. 


​Sneha and Vinod

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