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Safiya and Zeeshan

This was a wholesome wedding experience for us. It truly was. When you meet uber friendly people, you easily make some great memories for yourself and your friends. Safiya and Zeeshan are such lovely people you'd like to meet as the bride and groom in every wedding. Their enthusiasm, smiles and warm nature had our hearts. 

It was kind of a refreshing sight to see calm personalities throughout the wedding who also knew how to have a lot of fun and laugh to their heart's content. We are so glad we got to capture the moments. Though we couldn't get to witness the Nikah, we could understand the essence. 

Two Mann studios and AudiPhotography have spoilt us with their phone reflection images and rightly so. We thoroughly have started to make such images with the phone reflection.


We then had the Mehendi function which brought all the ladies together for a fun and eventful night. The Mehendi was followed by reading the scriptures from the Quran, explaining about the Sofra Aghd (Persian Spread) and what it signifies in the lives of the newly married. Learning about these new things was such a fresh perspective for us and an opportunity to see things with fresh eyes. 

Got a nose itch with Henna on your hands? No worries, super mom is always there for the rescue. 

When all get together and shake a leg or two, the mood for the rest of the events are set in the right tone and vibe!

Needless to say, Zeeshan couldn't find his name on Safiya's hands! 


Our friends and shooting partners Time-lapse Studios are always up for challenges with us. Most importantly we would love to thank Aanchal Balaraj, the amazing make up artist and a very good friend who helped us introduce us to such wonderful people. Making friends with your client is not easy, but this was one wedding where we ended up making so many friends that we would cherish for the years to come. 

There were a lot of beautiful moments during the Shukrana. There were lot of speeches with some heart touching memories reminisced. Some fun games and some rehearsed yet mistimed dance routines were done by both the families. 


We then had the Valima (Reception) held at Anantya in Palace Grounds and this was an amazing experience. While we don't share videos on our website, we had the bride's and groom's family who helped us create some beautiful memories for our short video, the pictures were also a treat for us. A very special and respectful bow to Safiya who handled a 12kg dress for the night with ease.  

When you meet and greet a thousand people, you end up being exhausted. However, even when they obliged for a photograph with their million dollar smiles, it made us fall in love with this couple all over again! 

Safiya and Zeeshan, this was a blessed experience for us. An opportunity we thoroughly loved and being a part of. Thank you for trusting in us and giving us the freedom to experiment. We truly mean this and I guess you know it :) Hope both of you have an amazing time together. 


Sneha and Vinod

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