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Shwetha and Nitin

We like simple weddings. Everything about it goes smoothly. This was one such simple wedding that we really enjoyed covering. Half a day affair and we were done! When you meet Shwetha and Nitin, you will know that they are different with their approach to a wedding. Everything about this wedding was absolutely chilled out. If you haven't checked our partner team, you should pay Time-lapse Studios website a visit.

Trying something different with photographs is what we believe in. Everyone says you need to have a style of photography. To be honest we haven't discovered what our style is yet, and this was our 10th wedding, so we don't really know if we have a style to be defined so early in our career! Enjoy the images as we love telling stories through our frames. If there's no story in an image or if the emotion is not expressed well, then we believe the image falls flat. 

When you don't have your second shooter with you to hold the lights, you just hand it over to a friend who can do a great job as well! 

As you can see from Nitin's expressions, he was eagerly waiting for his bride! 

And how his expression changed into smiles and laughters as soon as she arrived..

Tying the three knots amidst the rice grains pouring from all over is a tough task. 

When the rice grains decide to jump with excitement, you tend to smile the widest. 

Being their coolest as always.

The pinky swears they made, to the knots they tied. 

Friends always liven up the occasion. Some also jump with excitement. 


The couple held a reception for close friends and family.

Shwetha and Nitin, it was a pleasure to capture some memories for you on your special day. We wish you both a great future together. Thank you for choosing us and giving us this opportunity!


​Sneha and Vinod

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