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Sindhu and Vishakh

Mattur, a quaint village near Shimoga located on the banks of the river Tunga, where the chants are heard, seen, felt and experienced. This was one wedding which we would remember for a very long time, and the simplicity of the village and it's residents has left a mark in our lives for sure. Weddings here are elaborate and they are meant to be so.  

Balancing the candid moments amidst the traditions is a tough ask, but we were up for the challenge. The Naandi function was all about the homas and seeking the blessings of the forefathers. This was performed by multiple priests as you can see in the images to follow. There were plenty of light hearted moments and laughters amidst all the rituals performed. 

The sun rays were only falling on the Kalasha and the rest faded into darkness. We were having breakfast and noticed this and couldn't resist getting a picture. 

Yes, there was a Kashi Yatre Part 1 before the wedding, and that was something we really weren't expecting! Experiencing these little changes was a lot for us to understand and learn. Sindhu's family was also welcomed to the village after their arduous journey from Chennai. 


We had the Naandi part 2 i.e. of the bride's family the next morning. 

The bride and groom to be were then carried like procession idols and taken to their respective houses. The fun and laughter that came with this ritual was a sight to see!

Rains hadn't been very kind to us and it poured throughout the day, making no room for any outdoor pictures. That evening, we had the Varapooje where Sindhu's family officially welcomed Vishakh and his family. This was followed by a short but fun reception where the people of this village greeted and blessed the couple. 


The sun decided to play hide and go seek with us the next morning. The gray clouds don't give you the perception of time going by, yet the proceedings were so colourful that all was forgotten. Beautiful memories were going to be made, prayers were going to be heard. The day of the wedding was here, and we were all geared up. Time-lapse Studios, our usual partners in crime were with us, and we have borrowed some of their images for this blog. 

Tiny emotions make up for the best moments in a wedding. A happy tear, a playful wink, these are the things that one remembers when they're captured. 

And this is how Vishakh was waiting for his bride before tying the knot. The mind focused yet the heart in anticipation. 

Sindhu was welcomed to her new home (officially) and there were so many joyous moments with both families participating wholeheartedly. 


The reception was at the New Woodlands Hotel in Chennai and the stage was adorned with yellows, whites and reds which made the outdoor stage come alive. With leaves falling from trees with the wind, this felt like fall. Sindhu and Vishakh were colour coordinated and looked beautiful together. 

Sindhu and Vishakh, thank you for giving us an opportunity to cover some of the best moments in your lives and thank you for being such wonderful hosts and friends. We wish you both a very fruitful times ahead. Congratulations once again! 


Sneha and Vinod

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