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Spoorthi and Pavan

The very thought of covering a wedding excites us. Weddings in India are a mixture of many things and many emotions.. We were really happy when Pavan asked us to capture his wedding moments with Spoorthi. With our friends at Time-lapse Studios it makes it even more fun. 

We like small intimate wedding setups. This was one of them. We like how both Pavan and Spoorthi couldn't wait to lay eyes on each other.  The Vaadya was ready and Spoorthi's family was ready to invite their to be in laws. 

The beautiful part of an Indian wedding are it's rituals and traditions which have both scientific and cultural meaning imbibed into them. 

The bride's mother and her sisters were showing their strength in unity wearing the same colours.

Pavan's mother could not contain her happiness. Her smile was very contagious and it brightened up the mood in the hall.

Garlands, clothes and gifts were exchanged with a lot of happy moments.

The Bride then gives a grand entry. Spoorthi was lifted by two of her strong Brothers. The smile on her face was priceless. And the rituals continued, this time the bride and Groom were allowed to see, smile and talk too. Look at all their faces gleaming.


The reception was a close family and close friends affair. Both Spoorthi and Pavan looked at their simple and elegant best. 

Family and friends are an integral part of making the reception a lively event. We like how Spoorthi's cousins covered the bride and groom for a photograph and made it all the more fun. 

What's some fun without some dance. Even if you have two left feet, you shake it to the number that's playing and you'd be called a dancer! 

This was a fun filled reception which we are certain will be remembered by all of us. 


Before the sun rose in the east, we were up for an early beginning. Giving ourselves a kick start with a dose of caffeine, we begun our day. 

Spoorthi was ready to perform the Gowri pooje and Pavan was geared up to go for his Kashi yatre. Need we say that he was eager enough to come back to his beautiful bride?

Hearty Congratulations Spoorthi and Pavan. You guys make an absolutely adorable pair and we wish you the best of everything. Thank you for choosing us to cover your most important day! 


Sneha and Vinod

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