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Sushma and Vinay

This blog will remain simple, just like the couple - Sushma and Vinay. We will let the images speak for itself. We believe in creating some story through our images and that's what most of us want to preserve for the most important day of our lives! Posed images have no fluidity of emotions which the candid moments can reflect. As always, our partners in crime Time-lapse studios were with us to cover this memorable event. 

The sequencing of events from Vara Pooje to Reception to Muhurta was smooth and easy going! Have a look at some of our favourites below.. 

Sushma and Vinay - Thank you for having us cover your engagement, pre-wedding and your wedding! It was an amazing experience for us to see such bond that both of you share and the simplicity with which you handle things.

Wish you both a great future ahead and the best of times with each other!


​Sneha and Vinod

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