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Vani and Jayant

Yay! This one's our 25th wedding! Super pumped!

I think this was the longest we have been with a couple covering their events. From having the Kashi Yatra at Jayant's place to the wedding at Shivabalayogi hall to ending it with another pooje at Jayant's place, we thoroughly enjoyed being amidst these lovely people. When you see genuine laughter and smiles, your heart tends to be at ease at such places.

While Vani being affirmative yet a warm person and Jayant being humble and smiling all the time, this couple with their unique love story, kept us engaged throughout the events. Usually weddings seem chaotic for people like us who sit 3 feet away from all the proceedings, however, this wedding was nothing like it. Everything seemed to fall in place, perhaps it was because everything was handled well by the families.

You can see the genuine smiles and laughter during the Kashi Yatre event. This is the bond that 2 families need to have during an event like a wedding. It goes a long mile, speaking by experience ;)

We also got sometime to make some lovely portraits of Jayant and Vani, and we tried to be a little more creative perhaps.


We also got to cover the Bale shastra and the Devarasamaradhane at Jayant's house before stepping into Vani's house for her Mehendi. This was perhaps the first time we entered a groom's house before entering the bride's.

Can you see the experience coming into play while assembling the mangalsutra? We love such details and the hands that make these come alive.


Mehendi at Vani's house was a quiet affair with her family members and the yummy Dabeli that we got to have. The below image is one of our personal favourites from the entire set. The bride looking calm while henna being applied on her hands.


The following day was another pooje at Vani's place where got the sunlight being our best friend. We usually run away from harsh sunlight, but this time around, the sun and shadows played their parts and we got to make some images which we could remember for a long while.


We had the Varapooje and welcoming of Jayant's family into the wedding hall on the next day. Do you see how much of the sunlight we have used in this wedding? It's Photography 101 I suppose. When you find cooperating clients, you are genuinely happy making these images for them.


We had the Dhaare and the Reception on the next day. The fragrant smells of the incense sticks and the fresh flowers awaken your mind to a fresh start. Gowri was adorned and Vani performed the Gowri pooje in silence. Our partners in crime Time-Lapse Studios were with us as always!

Meanwhile, Jayant was getting ready for his welcome as a groom. To be honest, we could see the impatience he had to meet and see Vani on that day. A beginning to their love, a new chapter to their lives.

Vani was looking at her best and her subtle smiles lit up the room. Her sisters and brothers in law welcomed her to the mantapa.

Do you see the excitement and the smiles when Jayant is ready to tie the knot?

Vani won the ring in the bucket competition in style and we saw her being herself with all the laughter.

Vani was then welcomed into her new home with Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma sung by Jayant's relatives.


We will let you enjoy the reception images without any more banter.

Vani and Jayant, both of you make an absolutely amazing pair! Your calm demeanor will take you a long way. Here's hoping the best of everything for the both of you and thank you for choosing us cover some of those precious moments for you.


Sneha and Vinod

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